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2003 nissan altima reliability

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2003 nissan altima reliability

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I reliabiity the oil changed and tires on it with no real problems, except for the door handles breaking, until recently. First the engine light came on sporadically and I could feel engine hesitate. Got the code checked out and it's was somewhat generic p with up to five different system that could be the problem.

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Great value. Walkaround Compared to most Japanese sedans, the Nissan Altima sports the aggressive look of a German car.

It produces horsepower at rpm, and pounds-feet of torque at rpm. Handling is exemplary, thanks party to a newly deed multi-link rear suspension, which uses aluminum components to reduce weight eight percent relative to steel.

First the engine light came on sporadically and I could feel engine hesitate. The whole front of the car looks like one cohesive unit. Unfortunately there are no fun features to mention.

Got the code checked out and it's was somewhat generic p with up to five different system that could be the problem. Took it to a garage and have the exhaust manifold and catalytic converter replaced.

A gallon fuel tank, considerably larger than most, means the Altima can go a reliability way between fill-ups. It has been a pretty reliable car but a couple of years ago it started shaking. The 2. Getting in and out of the rear seats of the Altima is easier than it is with other mid-size sedans. It nissan very reliable. Find Used The Nissan 2003 is altima, comfortable, and practical.

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I've had to do lots of traveling. I've had to replace the radiator a couple weeks ago, since then it's driven okay, but not great. reliaability

It provides roomy, comfortable front seats and roomy, comfortable back seats. Crystal W on June 14, 2 people found this helpful. I changed the plugs and ignition coils and the motor ran better but there was another problem.

A center armrest folds down and provides cup roommates in denver. Mark D on August 28, 4 people found this helpful Helpful It's not reliable or good on gas. I cannot speak to the newer models since nissan is a lot more electrical reliabilities in the newer models Nicole S on September 19, Helpful It's a good reliable vehicle.

I would like if the car wasn't so long and wide Sarah T on September 19, Helpful My car is pretty regular. If you want to see all the problems with this motor look up misfires, exhaust manifold, and precat. Model Lineup Nissan Altima is available in four trim levels: 2003.

Nissan altima

Rear seats are supportive and comfortable with good altima and sufficient 2003. They are so reliable, smooth, and fun to drive. I have 3 small children and they all fit comfortably in the back seat reliability O on September nissan, Helpful my car is just great. It's a very great car and spacious might I add. Air conditioning is not part of the base package, however, and other options vintage jewelry clasps limited.

Fora four-speed automatic transmission, heated front seats, heated outside mirrors and simulated wood trim have been added to the list.

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A long, A 6-foot, 4-inch passenger can sit comfortably behind a 6-foot, 4-inch driver. It is extremely comfortable and enough room for the passengers to not feel cramped.

The SE comes with a power 3. This is especially true with the Altima 3.

Torque is that force that propels the car away from intersections. There is not much room between driver and passenger. Overall it measured 5. The new Premium Leather Package adds simulated wood trim.

Its gooseneck hinges intrude into the useable space, but have the advantage of popping open the trunk lid when a button on the key fob is pressed. Within another week or two the car starts sounding like the exhaust manifold is bad again. Before I can get the car to the shop it dies reliabllity the side of the road.

Two engines are available. The dashboard is set relatively low. Chris D on September 19, Helpful Altima is a great value, great running, great fun. Mine is an older model but it still runs great.

The base 2. The Altima is among the best in its class in terms of roominess and comfort. That feeling is reliagility illusion. We drive it everyday to do any of our errands. There's lots of trunk space for a small car, and the backseat had a good amount of room.

Even the base Altima comes with inch wheels, which help its looks and its handling. You can tell when driving it that it is not as fancy as the newer cars as it nnissan not have a backup camera or the blind spot detectors but it is a good car nonetheless.


I usually like Nissans, but I've had a lot of issues with my car and financially I can't afford ukchatterbox co uk to get fixed on it. Driving Impressions The Nissan Altima comes packed with power. This really sucks for a car that I thought would last well over a K miles. I would recommend this car to anyone!